Charismagic #6 SDCC Cover Reveal

We revealed the SDCC 2012 Exclusive cover to Charismagic #6 this morning. Hope you like! It’s by Emilio Laiso and Beth Sotelo! 🙂


How the Wohl Turns

Executive Assistant creator and Fathom Volume 4 writer David Wohl popped into the studio today to work on his various writing tasks for the day but mostly because he missed seeing our faces. Currently he’s scripting pages for a future issue of his new Aspen series Homecoming. David co-created Homecoming with Michael Turner and Scott Lobdell and the art team is Emilio Laiso on pencils and inks and Brett Smith on colors. The story so far is thrilling and really captures that high school feel that we all miss (Well, except for you actual high schoolers) while also presenting an entirely different take on an alien invasion story. The main character Celeste also kicks major ass so don’t miss it if you’re a fan of those genres or David Wohl’s work. You can discover more about the series here on the official Facebook page for Homecoming:

EA: Assassins Covers Revealed

Sorry for the absence the past few days, to say I’ve had a frustrating week would be an understatement but I’m powering through it and hopefully things are looking up. I lost all of Tuesday to a problem with my email database. With the amount of talent we have worldwide that we’re collaborating with, needless to say a glitch like this set me back. But, I’m back up to speed and now. Over at they debuted the final covers for Aspen’s first ever ongoing series Executive Assistant Assassins #1. I have the honor of writing this series and I really hope fans of the series and new readers will give it a try. It’s a little different than you think, I guarantee! But enough talk, here are the covers by Joe Benitez, Eduardo Francisco, Peter Steigerwald and Beth Sotelo 🙂

Post Birthday

Enjoyed a night of sushi, sake, beer and good company last night so I consider that a win in my book. So far 32 is looking decent, although I encountered a problem with my email database when I got into the studio so the morning looks like it will be spent repairing and rebuilding it. Not fun. On the plus side that means I’ll be able to get further along on the script for Charismagic: The Death Princess #1. We announced this series recently and I’m super excited to be starting on the actual pages for it. Emilio Lopez and Jocelyn Dunn will be illustrating the book and I know they’re really gonna bring it based off the discussions we’ve had. Emilio has a strong base in animation and if you’ve been reading the first volume of Charismagic you already know that his colors are something to behold. So, expect more of the same high level of quality on The Death Princess! As an added bonus, Charismagic proper series artist Khary Randolph will be providing covers for the three-issue mini along with E (Check out the inked cover to issue one below), so there’s plenty of reason to check it out if you’re a Charismagic fan or new reader looking to check out a new fantasy/action-adventure book! Well, that’s all for now, gonna bounce back into the script and hopefully fix this email situation by the afternoon. Take care and have yourselves a splendid day! 🙂

Father’s and all that

Having a relaxing morning so far. Went for a stroll with the dog and visited the farmer’s market at the end of my street. I bought a tasty breakfast empanada like a good hispanic. Gonna watch some Back to the Future and clean the bedroom. Later, I’ll be celebrating Father’s Day with the pops with a splendid bbq! Happy FD to all you dads out there, make your kids pay your bills for the day. It’ll teach ’em about adulthood.



Soulfire Event – Halfway Home

Popped into the studio this evening to go over some lettering proofs with Frank for Broken Pieces #3, Charismagic #6 and Soulfire: Faith #1. All three books are set and ready to go off to the printers next week. Soulfire: Faith #1 by Amanda McMurray and fully illustrated by Siya Oum is the third book in the Soulfire “Search for the Light” mini-series that will be out this July, and even sooner for you folks headed to Comic Con. The story is really taking shape and looking to really set the stage for an amazing fourth volume by JT Krul, Mike DeBalfo and Nei Ruffino. Don’t sleep on these one shots as there’s some wonderful new talent on these books as well as some veterans that are making this one of the most memorable Soulfire tales to date. Soulfire: Faith #1 takes us over the halfway point of the “Search for the Light” event and the next book Soulfire Power is coming together nicely as we speak. Also, Broken Pieces #3 is just about wrapped up and has an exciting new art team of Cory Smith and Beth Sotelo. They really captured the look that creator and my roommie Mark Roslan wants for the series. If you’re new to the title or looking to get your hands on a dope sci-fi apocalyptic adventure, go get this book! Here’s a preview of the aforementioned books:

Broken Pieces #3:

Charismagic #6:

Soulfire: Faith #1

More sneak peeks to follow as we usher more of these exciting books off to the printer. Stay tuned friends!

Putting the Hit on Executive Assistant Assassins

Today we’re wrapping up three books, Executive Assistant Assassins #1, Fathom Kiani #3 and Soulfire Despair #1. EA and Kiani are closest to being wrapped, Soulfire Despair is right behind them but we’re still fine-tuning the lettering and making sure everything is perfect. Next week we’re staring at Soulfire Faith #1, Broken Pieces #3 and Charismagic #6 so it should be another buys couple of weeks from here on out. Not much of a surprise, this small four week window before Comic Con IS my Comic Con so to speak. By the time the show rolls around I already know whether we made it or didn’t on these books so I actually feel less stressed around the show…that is, until the show starts and everyone needs something 😀

Here’s cover for issue #3 by Pasquale Qualano and Teodoro Gonzalez that we unveiled yesterday. Enjoy.