Charismagic Character Designs

Many of you might already be reading Charismagic and enjoy Khary Randolph and Emilio Lopez’s work, but you might also not know that the two are some really amazing character designers as well. Part of the fun of working with high-level talent like these two as a creator is being able to provide them with a tiny morsel of script or description and seeing what they’ll come back with. So, I thought it’s about time to gather up most of the character design work these two have produced for the series into one post so you can bask in the awe and wonder of their work. As you can tell, I’m a fan of their work–and you should be too.


As you can see, we went through a few variations on the facial design for the series main protagonist but his frame and figure mostly stayed the same throughout his design. I always like to refer to real life people if necessary so an artist has a visual cue they can use as a starting point. For Hank I mentioned John Cusack only younger as a point of reference. Khary’s first pass at the top was a bit too young so we scaled it back and ultimately landed on the final headshot you see in the last piece. I really like how he captured the more masculine, mature look but with a youthful spark in his eyes. I knew we had our leading man.


Probably even more important than Hank’s design is our female lead who graces the majority of our covers. Sudana’s design had to be perfect and for her look we went the opposite direction. I mentioned to Khary and Emilio that I’ve always had a bit of a celebrity crush on the actress Mila Kunis and her captivating looks, but I wanted someone a little older with an intensity that was palpable on her face. Suffice to say, THIS is why you bring in an expert like Khary who nailed it on the first pass. Sudana’s design as you can see has pretty much not strayed from the original designs, only slightly. They knocked this one out on the first pitch.


Who doesn’t love talking black cats? I know I do, and I knew Sparkles’ design had to be just perfect to uphold the legacy that is the talking gato so I scoured the internet for a few different shots of pitch black cats with blue eyes that I thought might give the guys some inspiration, and again (notice the theme here), they came back with a picture-perfect Sparkles right off the bat. Although I think her face has rounded out slightly from this first design, this is pretty much consistent with her look now.






If you’re up-to-date on your Charismagic issues you’ll notice that last design for the wolf-like creature hasn’t appeared yet, so now you have something to look forward to for next issue, which is out in only a short couple of weeks! I really hope you’ll check it out and know we’ve put tons of thought into each and every character’s design exclusively for your enjoyment! 🙂




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