In the Thick

As the calendar approaches this year’s Comic Con, there is also clock ticking down on the deadline for many of the books we have planned for the show. This is the event of events in terms of the comic book industry so we really strive to debut some exciting titles and exclusives every year for the fans. It’s really a party for the fans who’ve supported us all year long and also a great opportunity to showcase our future slate of awesome titles. This year is no different. With that in mind, I’ve really got to get back to the grind and make sure this happens, but I wanted to share a sneak peek page from the farm of what’s to come for SDCC, from our new series Homecoming. If you picked up Aspen’s Free Comic Book Day sampler Worlds of Aspen then chances are you’ve seen this. If not, enjoy!



Assassin Sunday

Happy Sunday folks! Today I’m writing something I can’t reveal yet, but I’m also polishing up a future Executive Assistant Assassins script. Have I mentioned before how excited I am for you all to read this new EA series? I think I have several times but here’s another reason why: the ongoing format really allows for a more fluid method of storytelling that I am absolutely loving! The characters in this series really move forward organically within the story, and I couldn’t be happier with how artist Jordan Gunderson is portraying these important character moments. Here’s a little peek at one such panel in the first story arc. Hope you enjoy!


Fathom Kiani #2 In Stores Today

The second issue of Fathom Kiani is in all finer comic shops today and I hope you’ll check it out. This issue will really bring Kiani back into the Fathom universe as we finally see her interact with other members of her race following her return. There’s two direct covers for the book by series artist Oliver Nome and Michael Ryan with colors by Peter Steigerwald on both. There’s also an awesome Michael Turner retailer incentive edition out there as well as a Phoenix Comicon 2012 cover by Mike DeBalfo and Beth Sotelo that will be available at this weekend’s PCC show. Grab ’em all if you can! You would have my eternal gratitude.

Foster Anthology

DC New 52 Flash co-writer and my good friend Brian Buccellato was kind enough to ask me to write a story for his Foster Anthology 2012 collection he’s putting together for this year’s Comic Con in SD. If you don’t know, Brian put this project up online via Kickstarter and not only was it successful, but it pulled in a little extra for an even bigger collection. I went for a more traditional tale for this book, focusing on the Western Frontier of the Rocky Mountains and the mythology surrounding the mysterious Mountain Men of that era–and of course with Dwellers, the trademark monsters seen in Brian’s Foster series. Here’s a peek at what I think is the cover (but not confirmed in any way):