Saturday Proofing

It’s Saturday and I dropped by the studio this morning to catch up on emails and proof the latest draft of Kiani #3 that Josh sent in last night. Oliver and John are really killing it on this issue and it’s a pivotal issue in the Fathom universe. Kiani has gone past the point of no return and killed her longtime friend and ally Thalassar, now we see the repercussions of that action. I also received a few new pages from our Soulfire summer crossover event “The Search for the Light”. It’s an impressive string of five different one shots called Hope, Despair, Faith, Power and Grace. As well, I’m also proofing the VERY FIRST issue of our first ongoing series Executive Assistant Assassins. It’s looking great and I think fans of the EA franchise will hopefully enjoy a broader take on some of the characters we met in the Iris Volumes. Well, can’t stay long so I’m back to the grind. Enjoy your Saturday faithful blog readers. Talk soon!


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