If you haven’t heard of Vince Hernandez by now, you’ve either been living under a rock or you smoke them regularly you crackhead, so read on for the most awe-inspiring bio you will ever read that is most definitely NOT written by Vince himself. The man people refer to as Vince, V, or simply “Him” grew up somewhere in the unremarkable village of Mar Vista, California near the murky Pacific Ocean with a dream of becoming a jerk billionaire with loads of butlers, personal assistants, cars and gadgets to occupy his time. However, in his youth, Hernandez realized money wasn’t just given to you simply for being awesome (which he is), and that you actually had to earn an income by working for it every day. So Vince decided to try to be creative and entertain as many people as he possibly could by telling stories of high adventure and action, along with drama and sometimes comedy by accident. After nearly 14 collective years in the comic book and entertainment industry, Hernandez continues to work and write comics, with credits that include Fathom: Kiani, Soulfire: Shadow Magic, Dellec (along with best pal and creator Frank Mastromauro), Charismagic, Executive Assistant: Lotus and more. He also edits some of the most ridiculously amazing comic books ever assembled such as Fathom, Soulfire, Shrugged, Lady Mechanika, Executive Assistant: Iris, Broken Pieces, Dead Man’s Run, Haunted City, The Scourge, Idolized and more. These days, his time is spent serving as the Editor-In-Chief of Aspen Comics along with Frank, Peter, Mark, Steph, Josh, Chris, Chaz and Brooke as they continue their quest to reach galactic levels of fun and exciting comic book pleasure for you. Hernandez also still continues to write future remarkable and legendary stories and other select creative endeavors if provided the right dollar amount to satiate his exotic lifestyle he leads along with his gorgeous 9 lb female chihuahua/pug named Chugs.

Check the following sites for more of Vince’s exploits and mayhem:






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