Monday Musings

It’s Monday and I’m back in the studio, although that means very little since I spent Saturday and Sunday here as well making sure our Comic Con books all make their ship date. As of this writing, we’re fine-tuning Executive Assistant Assassins #1, Fathom: Kiani #3 and Soulfire Despair #1 to go to the printers today and tomorrow. Three books is no easy feat and we’re feeling the crunch as several artists and colorists have jumped in to help make sure these titles get out. Gotta get back to the show, but I wanted to share with you all a peek at EA Assassins. I went for a more serious tone with this story and I hope any of you who check it out enjoy!



Saturday Proofing

It’s Saturday and I dropped by the studio this morning to catch up on emails and proof the latest draft of Kiani #3 that Josh sent in last night. Oliver and John are really killing it on this issue and it’s a pivotal issue in the Fathom universe. Kiani has gone past the point of no return and killed her longtime friend and ally Thalassar, now we see the repercussions of that action. I also received a few new pages from our Soulfire summer crossover event “The Search for the Light”. It’s an impressive string of five different one shots called Hope, Despair, Faith, Power and Grace. As well, I’m also proofing the VERY FIRST issue of our first ongoing series Executive Assistant Assassins. It’s looking great and I think fans of the EA franchise will hopefully enjoy a broader take on some of the characters we met in the Iris Volumes. Well, can’t stay long so I’m back to the grind. Enjoy your Saturday faithful blog readers. Talk soon!

Monsters Are Fun

Every writer likes to stretch their creative boundaries and try new genres, so it was a great deal of fun to participate in the Foster Anthology that writer/colorist/chest council Brian Buccellato has put together. In case you’re unaware, a graphic novel anthology is a collection of shorter stories that generally center around a character or property–in this case, the book Foster. There are some really excellent talents attached to this so I hope you will check it out. Word on the street is it will be at Comic Con next month so look out for Brian and this book. Here’s a small taste that I’m not sure I’m allowed to show 😀

For more information on the project check out this link here:

Monday Eve

Had an enjoyable sunday so far and stopped by the studio this evening to catch up on emails and make sure everything is going smoothly for the Soulfire: Search for the Light one shots we’re working on. The past few days have been spent going over the very important Comic Con covers for each of these one shots. One particular artist to be named later is doing all of the five covers for our SDCC exclusives and I think you’re really gonna them! Here’s a small taste:

Make sure to check with your local retailer to secure your copy of this summer’s hottest event!


Soulfire: The Search for the Light

Not a lot of time today as usual, but I wanted to stop by and show you guys a nice sneak peek from Soulfire: Hope the special one shot that kicks off our big summer Soulfire crossover called “The Search for the Light”. This crossover consists of five separate one shots: Hope, Despair, Faith, Power and Grace featuring creators such as J.T. Krul, David Wohl, Khary Randolph, Siya Oum, Jose Varese, David Schwartz, Pasquale Qualano, Brett Smith, Amanda McMurray, Jonathan Marks and more! It all starts on June 27th with Hope! Don’t miss out!