How the Wohl Turns

Executive Assistant creator and Fathom Volume 4 writer David Wohl popped into the studio today to work on his various writing tasks for the day but mostly because he missed seeing our faces. Currently he’s scripting pages for a future issue of his new Aspen series Homecoming. David co-created Homecoming with Michael Turner and Scott Lobdell and the art team is Emilio Laiso on pencils and inks and Brett Smith on colors. The story so far is thrilling and really captures that high school feel that we all miss (Well, except for you actual high schoolers) while also presenting an entirely different take on an alien invasion story. The main character Celeste also kicks major ass so don’t miss it if you’re a fan of those genres or David Wohl’s work. You can discover more about the series here on the official Facebook page for Homecoming:


Assassin Sunday

Happy Sunday folks! Today I’m writing something I can’t reveal yet, but I’m also polishing up a future Executive Assistant Assassins script. Have I mentioned before how excited I am for you all to read this new EA series? I think I have several times but here’s another reason why: the ongoing format really allows for a more fluid method of storytelling that I am absolutely loving! The characters in this series really move forward organically within the story, and I couldn’t be happier with how artist Jordan Gunderson is portraying these important character moments. Here’s a little peek at one such panel in the first story arc. Hope you enjoy!