Post Birthday

Enjoyed a night of sushi, sake, beer and good company last night so I consider that a win in my book. So far 32 is looking decent, although I encountered a problem with my email database when I got into the studio so the morning looks like it will be spent repairing and rebuilding it. Not fun. On the plus side that means I’ll be able to get further along on the script for Charismagic: The Death Princess #1. We announced this series recently and I’m super excited to be starting on the actual pages for it. Emilio Lopez and Jocelyn Dunn will be illustrating the book and I know they’re really gonna bring it based off the discussions we’ve had. Emilio has a strong base in animation and if you’ve been reading the first volume of Charismagic you already know that his colors are something to behold. So, expect more of the same high level of quality on The Death Princess! As an added bonus, Charismagic proper series artist Khary Randolph will be providing covers for the three-issue mini along with E (Check out the inked cover to issue one below), so there’s plenty of reason to check it out if you’re a Charismagic fan or new reader looking to check out a new fantasy/action-adventure book! Well, that’s all for now, gonna bounce back into the script and hopefully fix this email situation by the afternoon. Take care and have yourselves a splendid day! 🙂


Soulfire Event – Halfway Home

Popped into the studio this evening to go over some lettering proofs with Frank for Broken Pieces #3, Charismagic #6 and Soulfire: Faith #1. All three books are set and ready to go off to the printers next week. Soulfire: Faith #1 by Amanda McMurray and fully illustrated by Siya Oum is the third book in the Soulfire “Search for the Light” mini-series that will be out this July, and even sooner for you folks headed to Comic Con. The story is really taking shape and looking to really set the stage for an amazing fourth volume by JT Krul, Mike DeBalfo and Nei Ruffino. Don’t sleep on these one shots as there’s some wonderful new talent on these books as well as some veterans that are making this one of the most memorable Soulfire tales to date. Soulfire: Faith #1 takes us over the halfway point of the “Search for the Light” event and the next book Soulfire Power is coming together nicely as we speak. Also, Broken Pieces #3 is just about wrapped up and has an exciting new art team of Cory Smith and Beth Sotelo. They really captured the look that creator and my roommie Mark Roslan wants for the series. If you’re new to the title or looking to get your hands on a dope sci-fi apocalyptic adventure, go get this book! Here’s a preview of the aforementioned books:

Broken Pieces #3:

Charismagic #6:

Soulfire: Faith #1

More sneak peeks to follow as we usher more of these exciting books off to the printer. Stay tuned friends!

Monsters Are Fun

Every writer likes to stretch their creative boundaries and try new genres, so it was a great deal of fun to participate in the Foster Anthology that writer/colorist/chest council Brian Buccellato has put together. In case you’re unaware, a graphic novel anthology is a collection of shorter stories that generally center around a character or property–in this case, the book Foster. There are some really excellent talents attached to this so I hope you will check it out. Word on the street is it will be at Comic Con next month so look out for Brian and this book. Here’s a small taste that I’m not sure I’m allowed to show 😀

For more information on the project check out this link here:

Assassin Sunday

Happy Sunday folks! Today I’m writing something I can’t reveal yet, but I’m also polishing up a future Executive Assistant Assassins script. Have I mentioned before how excited I am for you all to read this new EA series? I think I have several times but here’s another reason why: the ongoing format really allows for a more fluid method of storytelling that I am absolutely loving! The characters in this series really move forward organically within the story, and I couldn’t be happier with how artist Jordan Gunderson is portraying these important character moments. Here’s a little peek at one such panel in the first story arc. Hope you enjoy!